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Join the climate revolution

Urge COP26 to keep climate-wrecking corporations out of the room where decisions are made

In their dash for quick profits and unsustainable growth, global companies are leaving a trail of destruction. 

Just 100 corporations are responsible for 71% of global emissions, whilst countless more are profiting from the destruction of our forests, burning fossil fuels our planet cannot afford, and driving human rights abuses in their supply chains. 

Too frequently, they also enjoy huge unchecked influence over decision-makers who should be acting in the interests of our planet; whilst the voices of the activists and defenders on the frontline of the climate crisis go unheard. 

Help us ask world leaders to commit to real climate action by:

  1. Ending the enormous influence of the fossil fuel industry and their reckless plans to burn oil and gas our planet cannot afford.
  2. Stopping the financing of deforestation provided by banks based in the EU, US and UK.
  3. Championing the voices of land and environmental defenders who stand up to abuses by companies wrecking our climate.
  4. Enforce regulations that hold companies to account for their harm on people and the planet.

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