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EU: Protect People and Planet Now

Urge the EU to ensure corporations are not let off the hook for harm to people and planet

Corporations across the world are leaving a trail of devastation and disaster - too often they’re also harming entire communities in their dash for profit. We need a new law to force them to put people and planet before profit.

In 2019, we documented 212 land and environmental activists murdered, most of whom were standing up to business projects that threatened their land and livelihoods, as well as our planet. It was the most dangerous year on record for these activists, from Colombia to the Philippines. The main drivers behind attacks against land and environment defenders were large-scale agriculture, mining and logging. 

But there is hope that this can change - the EU has launched a public consultation on legislation that could ensure corporations respect human rights and the environment. 

The EU wants to hear from you!

Anyone, anywhere can take part in the consultation and ask the EU to make this law as strong as possible by ensuring:

  1. It covers all companies, across all sectors (including finance), and the entire corporate value chain
  2. Corporations identify, prevent and address their human rights, environmental and corruption risks and impacts to stop harm to land and environment defenders
  3. Land and environmental defenders are part of the process to prevent corporate activities harming their livelihoods and our environment
  4. Victims of corporate abuse anywhere can seek justice and hold companies to account through access to EU courts and civil suits