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EU: End the fossil gas addiction

Europe must begin a just transition towards renewables that works for people and planet

Our planet is facing an unprecedented climate crisis. At the same time millions of households across Europe are being plunged into energy poverty by the rising gas prices.  

European Union leaders are failing to act on both these crises – the solution is to end the continent’s deep addiction to fossil gas. 

Far from being a “greener” alternative to coal, gas is another fossil fuel wrecking our planet.  

The EU is spending billions of taxpayers’ money propping up unviable and unneeded fossil gas infrastructure projects, whilst planning to keep gas locked in for at least the next decade.  

This dependence on fossil gas only serves the interests of the fossil fuel industry who are getting ever richer whilst millions of people are at the whim of price rises and struggle to pay energy bills.  

Fossil fuel companies have been quietly influencing the EU for far too long by helping shape decisions about how European energy money is spent. 

Europe needs to end its gas addiction and begin a just transition towards renewables that works for people and planet.  

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