Secret neighbourhoods - who really owns your London borough?

Shady characters are secretly buying up property all over London, turning the city into a playground for the criminal and corrupt. See how many anonymously owned properties are in your area and call for an end to secrecy

As all serious criminals and corrupt politicians know, corruption is only worthwhile with a good getaway plan. A London pad to stash your stolen cash is the perfect choice because right now, you can buy as much property as you like without anyone knowing who you are or where your money came from.

Enter your postcode to see how many of these secretly-owned properties are located in your area of London.

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Snapshot: London's secret properties

*The data is based on a Global Witness analysis of Land Registry data accurate as of 1-1-2018. A "secretly owned” property is a freehold or leasehold title that is owned by at least one company incorporated in a jurisdiction with a secrecy score of 60 or above in the Tax Justice Network’s Financial Secrecy Index 2015. All maps are indicative of location and should always be verified with the original publishing agency.